The use of herbs extends back thousands of years. Likely as far back as humanity itself has been interacting with and living in nature. While Eastern cultures around the world have continued to incorporate herbal medicines into their healing practices, Western cultures have been rediscovering these ancient healing modalities over the last few decades.


This means that while some of the following herbs may be new to you, it does not mean they have not been tested by time and tradition. At the same time, where you buy your herbs can make a tremendous difference in the level of quality you find. Since the industry is largely unregulated, there are some manufacturers who mislabel their products. Make sure you have done your research and know that you are receiving the highest quality of herbs to ensure the best results.

Bodybuilding supplement industry is a huge one and most people who are involved in some kind of strength training take a fair amount of synthetic supplements on a daily basis. It’s mind-boggling when people claim they train to improve or maintain their health, but still ingest dozens of chemicals through supplements every single day. I for once believe there are healthier, natural solutions for both pre and post workout purposes, not to mention numerous health benefits you get from various herbs at the same time. If you’re going to supplement for most of your life, don’t you wanna take something that hasn’t been processed to death and filled with artificial flavourings, colors and other additives?

At GymHerbs, you’ll find information on herbs that specifically relate to maintaining healthy testosterone levels to help increase energy, strength and overall vitality. The focus is on natural ways to improve health, wellness and strength. Included with each herb is information about what it is, its benefits, how to use it and any cautionary information. Some herbs are best when used in small doses; others can be used more often.  Some are not wise to use if you have other medical conditions, etc. Make sure to read all of the information available, and consult a professional for additional questions.

Keep in mind that herbs are supplements, not a magic pill. If you want to gain muscle you’ll still need to eat right and above your maintenance level, whereas to lose weight caloric deficit is necessary. To increase or optimize your testosterone levels for any purpose requires proper nutrition, regular exercises and healthier lifestyle choices. Only after those issues are addressed you should take advantage of herbs to SUPPLEMENT your already optimal lifestyle.