Brown Shilajit

Shilajit is a thick, sticky resin that oozes from the Caucasus mountains, Altai mountains, Tibet mountains and the Gilgit Baltistan mountains. It is believed to be plant matter that has been compressed in the mountains for millions of years and consumed by microbes.

Brown Shilajit
Brown Shilajit Powder and Pitch


There is probably no body function that is not supported or helped in some way by this herb. Brown Shilajit has a high concentration of Fulvic Acid, a powerful organic electrolyte that balances and supports healthy cells[i], along with several amino acids.

The results are that it helps decrease pain, helps heal injuries, has anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the nervous systems, detoxifies the liver and kidneys, purifies the blood, supports the immune system, regulates blood sugar, supports metabolism and weight management, helps manage stress and fatigue, increase fertility in men, helps lower cholesterol, assists with mental focus and clarity and helps with sex drive and function, and helps the body absorb other nutrients (including other herbs)[ii].

How to Use It

Brown shilajit is typically sold in powder form and it is recommended to take 1 to 2 teaspoons per day. Traditionally, it has been mixed with milk when consumed.

Cautionary Information

It is generally considered safe to take. However, do your research to ensure the manufacturer is providing a quality, pure product. Because of its scarcity, manufacturers have been known to add others ingredients that can cause side effects, including organ damage.



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