Maral Root

Maral root is a rare, slow growing plant that reaches about 4 ½ feet. It can be found growing wild in Southern Siberia, Kazakhstan, the Altay region, and Western Syani. It is also cultivated throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.

Maral Root
Maral Root Powder


Maral Root contains antioxidents and ecdysteroids that are believed to help with endurance, stamina, and building muscle mass. The herb is also recommended for decreasing fatty tissue, improving mood and concentration, and enhancing sex drive, as well as helping support the immune system fight off colds and sore throats, and help with strokes and heart disease. It appears to act similarly to steroids in the body without the harmful side effects.

How to Use It

Recommended dose is 1 teaspoon. It typically comes in powder form and can be mixed with a variety of liquids.

Cautionary Information

Maral root may increase the risk of bleeding and may interact with other supplements and drugs in unknown ways. It is not known whether this herb will show up on any drug tests.

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