Phoenix Pre-Workout Formula Review

If you’re still looking for that perfect balance of herbal supplements, the Phoenix Formula from Lost Empire Herbs is a great one to start with. Often, it can be difficult to locate the exact combination of supplements you need that meets all of your needs. Many herbs target specific problems, but act to combat one another when taken together. With the Phoenix Formula, the research trial-and-error process is done for you. And the result is this truly unique and unparalleled combination of interacting herbal supplements. Not only are these herbs rooted in ancient medicine, but they also are part of modern medicine in many countries around the world.

phoenix-preworkout-formulaLike the mythological Phoenix, this formula will give you the strength to rise from the ashes and improve your overall being. Phoenix Formula is a blend of a few of most successful and beneficial herbal supplements. It contains ShilajitPine PollenPolyrhachis Ant Extract and He Shou Wu. While it carries over many of the original benefits of the individual herbs it contains, it also surfaces a new and improved overall benefit.


The Phoenix Formula is unique in that it maintains all the primary benefits of each individual herb within, but it also adds new beneficial properties. The pine pollen within this formula acts as a hormone booster, especially targeting men’s hormone health. Shilajit is one of the top herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine and helps to detoxify your body.

It can also aid in things like properly absorbing other nutrients and supplements, as well as function as an anti-aging supplement and an anti-inflammatory. The Polyrachis Ant Extract acts as an overall strength booster as it aids in providing direct ATP to your body’s cells. Like Shilajit, it is an anti-aging herb and an aphrodisiac. It even helps combat stress, which is something everyone can benefit from. He Shou Wu is derived from ancient medicines and can help increase SOD production, enhance sexual drive, improve bloodflow, and even help with immunity to sickness.

This formula is the perfect blend of four herbs because you not only get the individual properties of each herb within the mixture, but you get the combined benefits as well. When taken together in this unique blend, the herbs work together instead of combat one another such as in other blends. This combination will allow you to:

  • have more energy
  • feel more awake and alert
  • feel an overall boost in your aura

Many of the things which steal our energy like stress act against our bodies as they cause us to be more susceptible to sickness. But with this powerful and potent blend, you can begin to chip away at those things that cause you to have a lack of energy.

The Phoenix Formula is great for those looking to boost their workouts. You can take it pre-workout for optimum energy. Many energy drinks can max out your energy levels, leading to an unwanted drop in energy at the end of the workout. Phoenix Formula provides the consistent stream of energy you need for a great workout, and afterward, doesn’t leave you in need.

Users love the boost it provides not only for workout supplementing, but also for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Get the Phoenix Formula here.


How to Use It

We recommend mixing one tablespoon of the powder into a glass of water daily. The taste is fairly bland, as the individual potency of each herb seems to counteract the other. As always, exercise caution and consult your physician before taking any supplement. Herbs can have different effect depending on the person, so if you experience any unwanted big changes, take a break from the supplement for a few days in order to balance things out. Click here to get your bag of Phoenix Formula.