Pine Pollen Powder Review

Pine pollen – often know as nature’s own version of testosterone – is a very potent supplement that is often used by professional athletes today to enhance performance. Recently, it’s been getting a lot of media attention especially in the workout community, so we figured that we should do a comprehensive review of pine pollen and see whether it why it’s been so popular. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Pine Pollen?

pine pollenPine pollen is derived from the ubiquitous pine trees, and has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various illnesses and boost immunity.

Why Pine Pollen?

The reason why it’s a popular a choice in the workout community is because of its high content of human-like hormones called sterols. These hormones very closely mimic the structure of human hormones such as testosterone, and thus can be absorbed by the body to help enhance performance. It also contains over 200 beneficial elements comprising of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. What does all of this mean?

1. Enhanced sexual performance

Pine pollen contains biologically-active versions of androstenedione, testosterone and androsterone, which can be absorbed into the system when ingested. This gives pine pollen a very potent androgenic effect which enhances sexual performance. Most importantly, all the hormones are completely natural and can be broken down by the liver, so there are no side effects associated with it.

There is also increasing evidence that pine pollen greatly reduces the risk of ED. The high arginine and superoxide dismutase (SOD) content in pine pollen – both important substances required to hold an erection – gives it this effect. Because of this, many middle-aged men looking for a natural way to treat ED and to maintain a healthy level of libido have turned to pine pollen.

2. Great workout supplement

Pine pollen serves as an excellent workout supplement due to its so-called “dual-effect”.

pine-pollen-for-strength-trainingFirstly, the high hormone contents in pine pollen, which are essential to tissue repair, speeds up and increases the intensity of the muscle tissue recovery process. This leads to lower down time and increased muscle growth, allowing users to bulk up at a slightly faster rate. Consequently, many new users that are just beginning to work out like to take pine pollen because it helps them condition their body towards muscle tissue damage, as well as allows them to bulk up faster.

Secondly, pine pollen contains a very diverse mixture of essential amino acids required for building new tissue – namely alanine, arginine, valine, proline and glutamic acid. These amino acids are what the body needs right after a workout session for proper tissue repair. Because of this, some like to take take pine pollen right after a workout session.

Pine pollen has also been shown by various studies to increase stamina and reaction time. This is thought to be because of the elevated testosterone levels associated with ingesting it.

Because there are no synthetic components in pine pollen, athletes never need to worry about doping tests or unwanted side effects. It is therefore no surprise that pine pollen is such a celebrated supplement in the workout community, something that is increasingly rare today due to a paradigm shift towards steroids and other fast-acting, albeit dangerous substances.

3. Anti-inflammatory effects

Besides having amino acids and sterols, pine pollen also has healthy amounts of gibberlins. Gibberlines give pine pollen its strong anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it was so commonly used in traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. This allows it to be used to treat infections by keeping inflammation levels low and regulating the immune system.

Its effects have been studied and are scientifically-backed, so the placebo effect certainly isn’t at effect here. In fact, many people have claimed that taking pine pollen consistently has reduced their recovery time from various illnesses – most common being the common flu – by up to 50%.

Should I Take Pine Pollen?

This depends. If you want quick results, pine pollen isn’t suitable for you. Also, to reap the most out of it, you have to take it consistently during your workout period so if that’s something that you can’t commit to, then you should probably look elsewhere.

However, if want the absolute best in terms of workout supplement and prefer taking natural supplements over synthetic ones, then pine pollen is undoubtedly the king of natural supplements. There’s a reason why it’s so acclaimed in the workout community!

There are no side effects related to ingesting pine pollen due to the fact that it’s 100% natural, and you get great perks. However, if you’re allergic to pine, then there’s also a high probability that you’ll also be allergic to pine pollen as that is the area that is most likely to contain allergens. If you are, make sure to check with your doctor to see if your system can tolerate it and if it’s a suitable fit for you.

We want to note that even if you’re a female, you can certainly use pine pollen to your benefit. We have had many female associates using pine pollen and they have experienced similar positive effects as those of their male counterparts. You won’t start suddenly developing a deep voice or growing facial hair – the hormones are immediately destroyed by your liver once they have served their purpose.

How Much Pine Pollen Should I Take?

We recommend taking between one and two heaping teaspoons per day. Some people have reportedly taken three tablespoons daily with no side effects, but we don’t recommend this unless in extreme cases; i.e. competing at the international level. 

The best time to take pine pollen would be right before sleep, or immediately after a workout session. Taking it before sleep allows your body to utilize the nutrients during the repair process, whereas the amino acids and testosterone stimulates rapid muscle growth and repair.

Buyer Beware

If you are planning to purchase pine pollen, be extremely cautious and always make sure your source is a reputable one. We have heard many cases people purchase from unreputable vendors that sell either fake or impure pine pollen. Using non-genuine pine pollen can have disastrous effects on your body.

Sometimes, vendors sell you a “blank” version of pine pollen, comprising of fake powder that does absolutely nothing to aid you. Even worse, impure or improperly produced pine pollen often contain dangerous contaminants such as heavy metals or highly-chelating substances that has been linked to increased risk of cancer and digestion problems.

We highly recommend and personally vouch for Lost Empire Herbs if you plan to purchase pine pollen as they source their pine pollen from the highest quality pine trees and have comprehensive processing and quality control steps. They’re also one of the cheapest, so you get the best bang for your buck.


Lost Empire Herbs also has an excellent customer support. One of our pine pollen powder shipments never came through. After contacting their customer support, they immediately sent us a brand new bottle of pine pollen on expedited shipping, completely free of charge. That’s what you call world-class support! We’re sure that you will be in extremely good hands and have 100% genuine pine pollen if you choose to go with them.


If there was ever a “natural” equivalent of steroids, this would be it. Pine pollen’s diverse mix of nutrients, hormones and building-blocks makes it one of the most versatile and highly sought-after natural supplement of the 21st century. If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend you give it a go