Pine Pollen Tincture Review

Pine pollen tincture is a well-renowned natural supplement that has been highly praised by naturalists and those in the sports industry. Why?

Pine pollen is fundamentally made up of millions of cells from the male pine tree. These very cells contain many of the exact same hormones that are naturally present in humans. This product is also sold in a powdered form; however, the powdered form only provides nutrients, whereas the tincture form includes beneficial hormones that can help with specific goals.

What makes the tincture form of pine pollen unique is that it contains small amounts of alcohol, which causes the formula to be very concentrated. The alcohol allows the supplement to enter your bloodstream more quickly, whereas a powder form rarely enters the bloodstream since it is usually making its way through the digestive system where most of the hormones are destroyed. 

Pine Pollen Tincture Benefits

pine-pollenPine pollen tincture contains many vital compounds and nutrients which help the overall function of the body. The nutrients act as natural antioxidants, which boosts your immune system and reduces cell damage due to oxidation. Some have even used it as a brain food to help boost concentration.

As for the hormonal side of the tincture, pine pollen contains specific levels of testosterone, androsterone, DHEA, and androstenedione. These hormones help to contradict the ever-present xeno-estrogens found commonly in different types of plastic, processed foods, genetically modified foods, pesticides, and other harmful things we encounter on a daily basis.

In a way, the hormones delivered by pine pollen tincture help to detoxify your body. You’ll also likely see other benefits like protection of the cardiovascular system, reduction of cholesterol, regulation of metabolism, increased energy and vitality, improved endurance, support of joints, and even support of a healthy sex life. If a male takes this supplement before bed, it is highly likely he will wake with an erection, which is a common sign of good sexual health in men. This works with the powdered form as well, but it requires a healthy dose to achieve the same effect. 

Pine pollen tincture is also used in bodybuilding and serves as an excellent workout supplement, and many have sworn that it has given them an edge over their competition. How?

Pine pollen tincture contains relatively large amount biologically-identical human hormones, namely testosterone. Consuming pine pollen tincture will temporarily increase the concentration of these hormones in your body, resulting in:

  • higher workout stamina
  • faster tissue healing
  • reduced fatigue

Be warned that the pine pollen must be consumed sublingually as a tincture if you plan to use it as a workout supplement; otherwise the hormones will simply be digested. 

Pine Pollen Tincture Side Effects

Other than an increase in testosterone levels, which in rare cases may cause increased aggression, higher body temperature, and restlessness, pine pollen is a very natural and well-accepted supplement to take. While women and children may take the pine pollen powder, the tincture is reserved for males over the age of 30. Women usually just take the powder.

If you prefer to take the tincture without the alcohol, you can try squirting your dose into a hot liquid, like tea or hot water and the alcohol should evaporate out since its boiling point is much lower than water. It should be noted, however, that the hormones will likely not enter the bloodstream as quickly or potently without the benefit of the alcohol.

When Buying Pollen Pine Tincture

When purchasing pollen pine tincture, you should make sure that it is free from toxic contaminants that can otherwise be easily absorbed into your system. Impure pollen pine tincture, or pollen pine tincture contaminated with other plant or synthetic hormones can wreak havoc on your body. That is why we recommend always getting it from Lost Empire Herbs. We’ve tried and tested their pollen pine tincture, and can verify that it is 100% pure and of the highest quality. If you don’t want to take any chances, go with them

How to Use It

Take ½ to 1 dropper full of the liquid twice a day for best results. The dropper is included with your purchase, and contains about 30 drops in one full dropper.

Since pine pollen tincture can be a powerful supplement, we recommend using it with care. Cycling your use of pine pollen tincture is a great practice, and allows you to experiment and figure out what feels best for you. This means you should take the supplement consistently for a given amount of time, and then take a break from it.

Whether it means taking it one day and breaking the next day, or taking it for 5 days straight and then breaking for two days, you can and should make your own schedule. Everyone has a different schedule, and you’ll have to find out which one suits your body best. We just recommend taking a break every once in a while to balance out your hormones.

How to Make Pine Pollen Tincture

Making your own Pine Pollen tincture can save you some money, but it really is a time consuming process. If you decide to give it a shot, there is a great pine pollen tincture recipe in this article.

Otherwise, get the best pine pollen tincture from the most trusted supplier here.