Testosterone Boosting Super Foods

oysters for testosterone
Apart from great Zinc source, oysters are also famous for their libido-enhancing properties

Herbs are not the only way to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. Many foods also provide support and benefit, and can be found on your local grocer’s shelves.

Vitamin D-rich Foods

Foods rich in Vitamin D have been found to help maintain healthy levels of testosterone, such as tuna, milk and egg yolks.

Tuna is also protein-rich, heart-healthy, and low in calories. A single serving of tuna each day can fulfill the Vitamin D requirements your body needs. If you do not care for tuna, consider other fish sources such as salmon or sardines. Keep in mind however that too much of a good thing is not good. Fish are high in omega-e fatty acids, which are good in appropriate amounts. Too much however, can increase your risk of prostate cancer.

salmon and tuna for healthy testosterone
Salmon and Tuna are excellent Vitamin D sources

When it is fortified with Vitamin D, milk helps maintain testosterone naturally. It also has the added benefits of being rich with protein and calcium for bone health as well. Some would say that you should opt for low-fat or skim, but whole milk is better for your testosterone levels as we DO need a certain amount of saturated fat – even though there are better choices for this purpose, like grass-fed beef.

Egg yolks have more nutrients than the whites and the cholesterol in them can help those with low testosterone issues. If you do not already have any cholesterol issues, eating one egg per day is safe and healthy.


Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, an essential nutrient that helps keep male hormones in balance throughout a man’s life. Zinc deficiencies have been linked to low testosterone levels in some men, so maintaining healthy levels is even more important for them.

oysters for testosterone
Apart from great being a great Zinc source, oysters are also famous for their libido-enhancing properties



Alaskan king crab provides 43% of the daily zinc needed in just a three-ounce serving. Ordering crab or lobster when you have the opportunity can help increase zinc, which in turn, supports healthy testosterone levels.

Choice Beef

While eating too much red meat has been linked to cancers in some studies, beef can be eaten occasionally to help maintain healthy testosterone levels. Beef liver is an excellent source of Vitamin D, and ground beef and chuck roast both contain zinc. Whenever possible, choosing grass-fed meats is the best decision you can make.


Whether you are eating white beans, kidney beans or black beans, they are all considered excellent sources of both Vitamin D and zinc. Beans are also full of plant-based proteins that help protect your heart.

Fats & Oils

Along with foods that are high in zinc and Vitamin D, choosing foods that are high in healthy fats is also important. The body needs fats in order to function properly, but it needs to be the right kinds of fats. Studies have shown that eating less than 40% fat in the diet can lead to a decrease in testosterone. Ideal diets have 50 – 70% fat from animal and vegetable sources, even though this might not be realistic in most scenarios, but aim for at least 30% fat in your daily calories intake.

Foods that are rich in healthy fats include olives, olive oil, coconuts, coconut oil, butter from raw grass-fed organic milk, almonds, pecans, other raw nuts, avocados, organic pastured egg yolks, grass-fed meats, but don’t be afraid of lard or ghee either.

Lowering Estrogen

While men need some estrogen, many are exposed to too much through foods and environment. High estrogen levels correlate to low testosterone. So, to increase testosterone, lower your exposure to estrogen, both hormone and chemical forms.

Foods such as soy and even alcohol (except red wine) can be culprits. And chemical estrogen can be found in plastics as well as some shampoos.

Add broccoli to your diet on a regular basis. It is high in indole-3-carbinol, a natural compound that can help reduce estrogen levels in men by as much as half.

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