Top 3 Herbal Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is often associated with a man’s libido, but this hormone is also responsible for many other important roles in both men and women. This hormone is present from day one and for men, the hormone is mostly produced in the testicles.   For women, testosterone is made in the ovaries and it plays a major role in the energy and sexual drive in both males and females. This hormone has a great impact on muscle mass and fat storage.

Naturally, a man’s body produces enough testosterone, however, there are times where the body doesn’t act as natural as it should. After the age of 30, the testosterone levels start to drop at about 1% per year.

If you are experiencing a drop in your testosterone levels, you may want to include some of these herbal testosterone boosters along with testosterone boosting diet, healthier life choices and regular exercise.

Pine Pollen

pine pollen testosterone booster

First on our list, we have pine pollen. Pine pollen naturally contains testosterone and is considered a great herbal testosterone booster and also a good replacement for your regular one-a-day multivitamin. In fact, within minutes of using this tincture, your levels should increase. Pine Pollen powder works great for people under 30 and females, whereas the tincture is best used for men above 30 year old.

Tongkat Ali (Malaysian Ginseng)

tongkat ali testosterone booster

This plant is native to Southeast Asia. In the native countries, for years, people have been taking extracts from the slender shrub tree and using it as an aphrodisiac, as it can also help sexual dysfunction. Apart from increasing testosterone, Tongkat Ali is also used to aid in recovery following a workout, fight day to day stress and side effects of sleep deprivation.


Cistanche phelypaea. Cavanas de Tavira, Portugal 37.131661,-7.605402

Cistanche is another popular herb that has testosterone-boosting properties; it can promote strength, virility, confidence, endurance and sex drive. It increases some hormones and neurotransmitters that are associated with qualities such as noradrenaline, dopamine and testosterone. Since Cistanche is not a steroid but a herb, you do not have to worry about it increasing your testosterone levels past the point they need to be (this can be used by both sexes).

If you are looking for any of the herbs, you may be able to find them in some natural food stores. If you do not have any luck with finding them in your area, you can always get them online from a reputable source.

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