Top 3 Herbs for Strength Gains (on Sale!)

Lost Empire Herbs is my go-to place for natural supplements and they’re currently having a HUGE sale with 15% off on all their products + awesome bonuses for everyone who participates. They also just got their new Pine Pollen tinctures in, which I am especially excited for.


All in all, if you planned on trying out filler-free, natural supplements instead of artificial hormone boosters and dangerous pre-workout powders – you don’t want to miss this one. Below are top 3 products on sale that I would recommend for anyone to try out instead of the processed garbage most gym-goers put in their body on a daily bases. Make sure to use the coupon code 2017 to get the discount and bonuses. Check out this page for more details.

Phoenix Pre-Workout Formula

The Phoenix Formula contains four herbs which by themselves are fantastic, but when mixed together you get a whole new level of awesomeness. If you’re still looking for that perfect balance of herbal supplements, the Phoenix Formula from Lost Empire Herbs is a great one to start with. Often, it can be difficult to locate the exact combination of supplements you need that meets all of your needs. Many herbs target specific problems, but act to combat one another when taken together.


With the Phoenix Formula, the research trial-and-error process is done for you. And the result is this truly unique and unparalleled combination of interacting herbal supplements. The Phoenix Formula is unique in that it maintains all the primary benefits of each individual herb within, but it also adds new beneficial properties.

This combination will allow you to:

  • have more energy
  • feel more awake and alert
  • feel an overall boost in your aura

Read more here…

Pine Pollen Tincture

This new tincture has just been released and it’s even better than the one they used to sell (and that one rocked!). Compared to the last one, this one has brighter color, better flavor, more noticeable pine aroma and it’s more potent. This tincture made from Pine Pollen is also a true 1:1 tincture, which means that 1000mg of pine pollen powder is spent to create 1mL of liquid. Strong stuff, right there!


Pine pollen tincture contains relatively large amount biologically-identical human hormones, namely testosterone, aside from androsterone, DHEA, and androstenedione. These hormones help to contradict the ever-present xeno-estrogens found commonly in different types of plastic, processed foods, genetically modified foods, pesticides, and other harmful things we encounter on a daily basis.

Consuming pine pollen tincture will temporarily increase the concentration of these hormones in your body, resulting in:

  • higher workout stamina
  • faster tissue healing
  • reduced fatigue

Be warned that the pine pollen must be consumed sublingually as a tincture if you plan to use it as a workout supplement; otherwise the hormones will simply be digested. Read more here…

Tongkat Ali

You’ll like this one, even if you don’t use it to help increase your performance in the gym. It also works very well for a different kind of performance.

So, what is it used for? Tongkat Ali is currently widely used as a supplement to increase performance when it comes to workouts. As it helps increase testosterone and decrease estrogen, this natural supplement aids to increase muscle mass and decrease fat at the same time. If you’re looking for that extra additive to take your workouts to the next level, Tongkat Ali is something you’ll want to try. Various performance athletes have commented that it increased not only their length of workouts, but their stamina as well.


Since Tongkat Ali increases testosterone, it has proven to be beneficial in many ways. Not only is it a great option for someone struggling with dwindling testosterone levels; there is also strong evidence that it boosts sexual performance. This natural remedy is thought to help with erectile dysfunction by assisting with sperm production, increasing sexual stamina, and helping erections last longer. Some claim that Tongkat Ali acts as a long-lasting mood enhancer when taken regularly.

Whether you’re looking for a simple additive to increase testosterone, or you’re looking for something to give an extra vamp to your workout, Tongkat Ali is one of the most effective herbs on the market today to boost performance. And there are hundreds of reviews from people around the world to prove this. Read more here…

And there you have it, three natural products that should help you get that additional rep or even a set, without messing with your health like modern supplements often do. And if you make a purchase during the sale, you’ll get awesome bonuses which are totally worth the money you spend on the herbs. Hurry up, the sale won’t last forever!